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The river Vindelälv is one of the 4 untamed rivers in Sweden. Entamed; there are no hydropower dams that regulate its course. Therefor with its fabulous many rapids it’s a true fishing paradise for the angler!

The river contains lots of grayling. Copies of more than 50 cm are certainly no exception. Also brown trout is regularly caught. Especially in recent years, the amount of fish, thanks to the efforts of local associations (fishing catching limits and prohibition of fishing with a net) has been considerably improved.

The locals are especially interested in salmon fishing. Our house lies near the main spawning grounds of the salmon and every year huge salmons are caught here. Also the salmon stock gets better every year. Especially the catch limit, which requires that all females must be put back, plays an important role.

Fishing happens especially with the spinning rod or fly rod, while the locals fish mostly with the pole and worms. The fly fishing in the famous rapids such as Krokforsen, Långforsen, Lilseforsen, Beukaforsen and Laxselet is getting more and more popular. It is in these rapids where the biggest fish is caught.

Fishing with goldbead and strike indicator on your line is always succesfully. But it is also an unique experience to fish in the Midnight Sun and see the fish rise and take your dry fly.

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You don't have to put lots of efforts and time in seeking to addresses for the fishing permits en de best fishing spots. We will take care of everything. The only thing you have to do yourself? Fishing!!!

Want the Vindelälv rather explore on your own? Then a stay in 'Stuga Jannes' a perfect opportunity. This beautiful chalet is located directly att the river and is therefore the ideal starting point for your fishing adventures.