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Tore. That was the name of our neighbor. He taught us many ins and outs of the life in Lapland. He taught us to find the way of nature, how to walk through the swamp, which water is drinkable and which not, how to make fire even if the wood is wet, how to prepare the various fish species and how to dry meat in the open air.
In short, almost everything we know about the area we live in, we have learned from Tore.
In late October 2012 Tore past away at the age of 81, and we bought his house. In memory of him and to keep the beautiful memories alive, we called the house “Tores”.

During 2013 we completely renovated “Tores”. The walls were lined with wood panels, the bathroom was completely renovated including all piping. Tores also got an entire new fully equipped kitchen. Also the outside of the house was done. Tores was brightly painted and the Lapland adventure was completed with a fireplace in timber Haparanda style in front of “Tores”. There are also plans to install a so-called hot-tub at the edge of the forest. In the warm water you can relax after a wonderful day in the Lappish nature. What is there even more to be desired?

In “Tores” you will find two bedrooms, each with two one-person beds (with Swedish box springs), a large living room, bathroom and a spacious fully equipped kitchen (including dishwasher). An extra bed can be placed in. The house is suitable for families or groups of max. 4-5 people.

We can now distribute large groups (up to 10 people) in our own accommodation and “Tores”. Something for your angling club?

The house is also ideally located for the pike angler. The lake Tväråträsk is directly opposite the house and it is just a short walk to the waterfront where two boats with outboard engine (electro motor) are ready. You will find pike and perch in superabundance, the biggest pike caught until now measures 112 cm. Except for pike and perch there swims a lot of roach and other coarse fish in the lake.
But the house with all its comforts is also an ideal holiday destination for families. The forest, with its countless mushrooms and berries, is located in the backyard. Ideal for making long walks through the Lappish wilderness. A lovely "downshift" vacation. And of course the family members may also use of the boats to make lovely day trips over the beautiful lake.

The rent for Tores is € 650,-- per week.
This price includes linen, towels, etc. Also included is the use of the 2 boats with electromotor (excluding fuel consumption).

 You can bring your own groceries and prepare your own meals or we can fill the fridge and freezer for you. We can also take care of all meals. Even you can choose for example only to eat the evening meal with us and provide for the other meals yourself.

Anything is possible. You call, we deliver. Send an email with your wishes and we send you a cost estimate.

Are you interested or do you have questions about the availability or otherwise. Mail us: