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Salmon fishing in Sweden. Fishing holiday and fishing efter Salmon in de Vindelälv

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Hej Hej,

We, both aged little over fifty, are since our first holiday Scandinavian hooked. From the early beginning we travelled consistently with a rented camper through Norway and Sweden. Never staying long on one place, we tried to see as much as possible in three weeks.

We toured from north to south and east to west and were always impressed by the beauty, tranquility and nature. On one of our boat trips back to the Netherlands we both, while gazing at where we came from, realized that our "home" was lying over there.

From that moment, that feeling only got stronger and more and more we worked towards a future emigration. During our Scandinavian holidays we asked us at each place we visited; "Do we want to live here?" The winter holidays were used to explore the "dark" Scandinavia. The milder Sweden was chosen for the rougher Norway and the quiet north won from the busy south.

We ended up in Swedish Lapland, especially the vastness and the rest made a big impression....

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