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End of the season,

The fishing season 2014 has now ended and our last guests went home. We can look back on a very successful season where we had many satisfied guests again. At least judging by the fact that 2/3 of all the guests have booked again for next year we may safely conclude that, or how?
So it was a successful season, despite the hot summer. July was with an average temperature of 25 degrees too hot. The water became too hot so that the fish was very tough and difficult to catch. It was only because we changed our fishing tactics that everyone caught fish. I must say that the really big fish left it fails and there were therefore only a handful caught 50+ grayling.
But the lack of capital fish did not spoil the fun. As we had beautiful summer weather every day it was very pleasant to linger at the riverside.    

At this time, after the season is closed, finally we have time for other things. After 5 years we have decided to take Swedish version of our site of the air. 5 Years and never had a single request for information from a Swede. Why? Actually, we do not understand it well. They'll might have some difficulty with the fact that we as foreigners know more about their fishing waters than themselves. That is probably hard to accept.
Anyway, that version is of the air, and in its place we are currently working on the translation of our website into English. We planned to do that for several years but we never succeeded, till now. The .com version of Laplandtime is already in the air and in the coming weeks, all pages will be translated into English.

Furthermore, Paula and I did a course 'fiske tillsynsman' a few weeks ago, Fisketillsynsman is a kind of river keeper. It was a course of one day and at the end of the day we got some tough questions and after answering them right we got a document stating that we both are now so called fiske tillsynsman. The next step is to be appointed by a fishing club as their 'fiskevärd. A sort of river keeper whose main task it is to ensure that the fishing is done according to the rules applicable within the club. The Juktån fishingclub has already shown interest to appoint us. We should be the first foreigners who would get such an appointment. We are curious and wait what will happen.

From 2015 we also have a new property in the rental, ‘Jannes’. Jannes is a beautifully beam built house that is directly situated at the Vindelälv river. It is for rent for groups up to 5-6 people. Curious? Here you can read more about Jannes.

The pictures on this page are modified so that the fish instead of the fishermen are in the focus. How should we practice our hobby without them???

So long,